Brass Knuckles Tattoos

It is told that if a person has never been in a brass knuckle fight then he should be getting a knuckles tattoo done on his body. It means that one should not indulge himself in getting this tattoo done on his body if he was not a fighter or never got rocked by a pair as they do not suit one. It is absurd to think that having one is a sign of toughness.

These tattoos have been symbolized as love the neighbor which is a representation of what many are capable of doing for each other. Hence literally the meaning stands for screwing friends and loving the enemy. These originated from the Vietnam land where corruption had taken its full swing and the people would turn hostile to each other within moments commenting that one should not believe in his brother more than the enemy.

It is said that tattooers have heard and required to educated people about tattooing. One should not pay before tattooing begins and the payment made to them is for putting the unrealistic ideas and expectations on the body using different colours. It is a costly affair to get tattoos and it’s a forever process which is done for long hours at a stretch. The process of making these tattoos is time consuming but certain points need to be considered before going for them. For instance one should think a lot before getting the tattoo done as they cannot be removed later.

Care should to taken to convey exactly what one wants to be tattooed and this should not be done in haste or when drunk because spelling mistakes can ruin the design. Moreover, it should be a generalized or known thing so that one does not feel awkward about the thing after passing those years and also they do not become embarrassing after wearing some dress or later when one gets married. The language used should be known and fluent so that wrong messages are not conveyed by them and lead the person in grave problems. Special shows or bands or cartoons should never be taken seriously as they can be there on the skin forever making one feel awkward.