Featured Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles are weapons that are worn on a person’s fist and are also referred to as knucks and dusters. Basically they are hard surfaces over the knuckles of a person used for punching someone with the sole intention to damage him to the extreme limits. These can be made using any kind of material but the ones made with brass serve both the purpose of style and weapon. Nowadays brass knuckles are said to be illegal to be used or even possessed as they can be extremely dangerous and cost lives.

Generally most of them are made up of some kind of metal like brass, steel, copper and aluminum whereas some are also available in plastic. The general design of these weapons has loops for four of the fingers and a hard ridge that is on the top of the knuckles. They also have a palm rest that is usually squeezed to the fist for holding it in place during the process of hitting. Apart from this most of them are disguised to be used as belt buckles, bottle openers and the paperweights.

Since ancient times these were used in some or the other form for instance the martial artists from Japan use them as tekko whereas the Romans and Greeks of ancient times used them as reinforced gloves which were called caestus. On the other hand the warriors of India used them as the tiger claw or what they call as bagh nakh during the seventeenth century. Later on in the 19th and 20th centuries they were given specially used by thugs and gangsters apart from being used by the soldiers for hand to hand combats.

Today the brass knuckle fights are illegal and tools made for them are also banned. They have been engraved by many people in the form of brass knuckle tattoos as they are considered as a weapon portraying one to be tough. Apart from all this the designs have been customized to provide custom brass knuckles in the form of shoes, blades, designs, rings, earrings and many more things. The bladed brass knuckles are used as ninja weapons as they have four sharp edges similar to the blades.

Some of the well known models for sale include the Constantine which was made by Dark Rift and used by the famous Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves in his movie. Adding to this list is the Rebel large red billet which is in the aluminum model. Most of them are nowadays used as fashion accessories, ornaments, conversation piece and the production props. They can also be used as ice smasher, necklace, paperweight and belt buckles.